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Ben Ide - Director of Custom Made Carpentry Ltd and sole owner.  
The company was founded in 2013 and so far is doing well.

Custom Made Carpentry Ltd offers a unique service - Have you ever been in a shop and seen something really nice, but it just wouldn't fit anywhere?  Or do you have an annoying gap that you want to fill, but everything you see just wont do the job?
Get in touch with Custom Made Carpentry Ltd.  I offer a FREE design service and a FREE quotation service, each with no obligation to purchase.  I can make you that lovely item you've seen, but to the measurements you need it.  Or, we can sit down and design something totally unique to you to fill that annoying gap.
I offer a professional and affordable service and all work undertaken is done to the highest standard.  
My company is registered with Companies House - Company Number - 8615544.

For more information or to make an enquiry - email - info@custom-made-carpentry.co.uk

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Album release.

Hi guys! Ben here - Owner and Founder of DrobeStudio.

This is just a quick message to let you all know what's going on. :)

I now have all 14 tracks recorded and edited. I have arranged them all in the track list order so there is a variety as you listen. I know you're going to like it.
As I am releasing it for free, all I am asking is that when you download it, please share the link to it with your friends and family. Try and get as many people to download it as you can. The only other thing I ask is that when you get people to download it, please also get then to like my page or follow @DrobeStudio on Twitter. That's it. Other than that you will get a FREE 14 album from me. A lot of work and effort has gone in and a lot of good has come from it already. My aim is to get 1000 downloads on it. If I achieve that I will be over the moon!

To accompany the release I am also working on my brand new website. Lots of different pages, my story, some photos, videos, dedicated anti-bullying page and much more. I hope you will all visit it and share that for me. That would be great.

It doesn't just stop there though. Once I've released the album, I'm not just going to move on, I will be attempting another big challenge. I will try and make a unique video for every song and put them on my YouTube. :)

All that's left to do now is make the front and back covers for the album. When they're done, ill post some photos. :)

Tomorrow I will be in 'The News' and I will be getting interviewed soon by the 'Bournemouth Echo' too.

Ill also be visiting some schools! A lot to do but I can't wait!

Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting, keep sharing. You're doing great. :)

"Making Music Matter"

Sunday, 11 November 2012

'The Fallen'

The fallen have gone
They died being strong
For the country
For freedom
For us to live on

Pay respect today
Lay flowers or pray
Whatever you do
Make it true to you

The lives of the fallen live on
Although they have gone
The memories are strong
Don't ever forget that they righted the wrongs

They died for the country
For freedom

For us to live on

Saturday, 10 November 2012


I have all the tracks now back for the anti-bullying album. There's just a little bit of editing left to do and then it will be ready for release.
Sunday evening I will be working on the front and back covers, as well as some new business cards.
I can't wait for you all to hear this album!
The response I have had from a few people that I have given a sneak preview to is great!

If you would like to be considered for a signed copy of the album with the front and back covers, all for free, all you have to do is like my facebook page and share it to as many of your friends as you can. If I get to 200 likes by the end of next week, I will give 5 lucky people a signed copy of the CD.

If you're going to download it, there is a chance you won't get the covers too, although I will be posting images of those.

I hope you are as excited as I am!
I can't wait.

Get sharing guys - www.facebook.com/DrobeStudio

Ben - owner and founder of DrobeStudio.

'Making Music Matter'

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Signed copies of the album.

There is still a chance to grab yourself a signed copy of the brand new album from DrobeStudio to help stand up against bullying.
I have notified a few people they will be getting one and they pretty excited about it!
Hope you'll join in and keep sharing.
Ill be picking some more people soon.
It could be you!

Ben - DS
"Making Music Matter"

DrobeStudio Staff

Just an update for you guys. :)

There is of course me - Owner and Founder of DrobeStudio.
My role is to make sure everything runs smoothly, people get on with each other and treat everybody the way they want to be treated.
To produce my music, write my lyrics, recording, releasing and promoting. I also film all my own music videos and edit them for release as well.
I do other things, but this is mainly my role.

I also have Bob Golden now as my new Facebook Page Admin.
Bob's role will be to post things about DrobeStudio, working closely with me to know what is going on. Bob will also be posting a 'joke of the day', some inspirational quotes for all of you and also making sure the page is running at its full potential when I am busy with my music.
Bob will also be posting about anti-bullying as that Is something we both stand up for.
Bob will be doing the occasional blog also.

I have my brother, Jordan AKA J3D-Design. His role is to again work closely with me to see what I want for each CD cover, keyrings, clothing and anything else I need designs for. Sometimes he works from what I've told him but other times I leave it to him to come up with something. He delivers everytime!

There is also Natalie, my Fiancé, who stands by me through the tough times and enjoys the good times with me. She supports me through it all and makes sure I achieve my goals. :)

If you want to be part of my staff team then please let me know. It doesn't matter where you live, as we can communicate via email. :)

Ill be honest, at this present time I can't afford to pay anyone, but the more people I can get on board, getting the word out and sharing my ideas, the more people will hopefully get involved and money will hopefully start coming in meaning I can start paying people. :)
I just need dedicated people who know a little bit about everything really. :)
If you think you could do one of the roles I've mentioned above or you think of something else you think I could do with, just send me an email or message me.
My email address is - bpi@drobestudio.com
If you want to message me on Facebook, just visit my official page - www.facebook.com/DrobeStudio

Thank you for your continued support.

Ben - DrobeStudio.

"Making Music Matter"

Friday, 2 November 2012

New updates to the DrobeStudio page.

Hi guys.
As well as Bob now becoming an admin of my page, he will also be doing the odd blog now and then.

As well as that though, there will soon be a joke of the day, daily quotes and also regular photos being posted.
These will be done by myself and also Bob but primarily Bob as there is growing demand for more music so I will be working on that. :)

I will also be starting a new thing.....
If anyone wants videos editing or making, get in touch, prices will be reasonable.
There will also be a new thing to help people get noticed. I found it hard to build myself up, I want to help people as I have everything set up to do it now. I will be offering a beat making service tailored to what the person wants. They will then write their own song to that. I will then film them and put it up on my YouTube for exposure. The more people and videos I do for people, the more exposure people will get. I'm hoping a lot of people will get involved. This will help everyone involved. I will be charging for making the beat and editing the film, but not for filming. Obviously if people find their own beat they like, i wont charge them for that bit. Again, prices will be reasonable.

This will all be happening soon. Please share this to let people know.
It will all be kicking off soon. Join me on my expansion. If we all work together and you work with me, it will benefit all of us.

For details, please email bpi@drobestudio.com

Thanks guys.

Ben - DrobeStudio.